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It is known fact, that good quality foods, lead to happy customers. It is also a known fact that poorly processed foods increase the numbers of consumer complaints. At Innospexion we have developed the best systems for detecting those errors before they become annoying.

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Errors offshore can be devastating. With our Low Energy X-ray detection systems, we can improve security and save the environment for serious troubles.

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Discover Our world of X-ray

You can meet Jørgen Rheinlænder the founder of #Innospexion @ #ScanAmCorp @ #IPPEexpo January 26-28, 2016 Atlanta.



Our web-site displays how and where to use advanced X-ray technology in order to improve processes & products, to minimize waste and down-time, and to optimize the cost-efficiency in numerous production areas.

InnospeXion serves a variety of industrial sectors, on a global level.

We strive to offer the newest and most adequate X-ray technology, tailored the application. Since many applications are both demanding and different, we take pride in establishing long term relations with our customers.