General information

Service & Maintenance of X-ray Systems

InnospeXion offers service and maintenance contracts, training, remote monitoring and on-site tests.

Research & Development

All InnospeXion products are based on long term development, comprehensive tests, and design based on know-how.

InnospeXion continuously strives to be in a technological prime position, and participates in a number of industrial R&D project initiatives.

AAA credit rating

InnospeXion has recently received information regarding our credit rating among companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

We are proud to be located in the best part of the range with an AAA rating, thus being a part of the below 2 % of all Danish companies with this rating level.

The range has 5 steps with AAA being the highest level of creditworthiness, and C being the lowest where it is advised against credit for C-rated companies.

The AAA rating shows customers, employees, collaborating partners and suppliers that our company is reliable, that we are safe to invest money in, and that we are also good customers ourselves by being good payers.

If you wish to read more about Soliditet's credit rating system, follow the link to their website: