X-ray Based Leak Detection

You have most likely experienced purchasing a food product, only to discover that it has decayed long before its time, resulting in the necessity to throw out the product. The decay is most frequently due to flawed sealing. Apart from the economical waste it causes the customer, it is also potentially dangerous if the tainted product is consumed.

This is a problem most food manufacturers are familiar with, and constantly try to prevent. Bad sealing can be caused by many things; for instance if parts of the product is mistakenly placed in the seal during the packaging process. This allows air to enter the supposedly air-free environment in the package and thereby contaminates the food. Besides, imperfect packaging may cause foreign bacteria to enter the package, causing food poisoning and compromises food safety.

Our low-energy X-ray systems are able to detect the poorly sealed packages, and discard them by emitting an alarm, and automatically rejecting them online.

Although contaminated food products are a major problem for the manufacturers, it is difficult to inspect the products in a cost-effective and non-destructive way. But by using X-ray systems, the products can be inspected in their original packaging immediately after packaging. The automatic reject function enables the production line to operate without interruptions and human interference.

The ability to detect the imperfect seal and the overall packaging integrity online immediately after the filling and sealing process, leads to significant savings. This is caused by the better control leading to instantaneous correction of a mal-function, minimizing waste and maximizing the production line efficiency.