Products General

InnospeXion finds 4 things particularly essential in the development, production and utilization of quality X-ray systems:


First and foremost, the systems are developed in close co-operation with the clients, where a mutual trust is fundamental. The trust is not only important in the relationship between the client and InnospeXion, but also in connection with the use of suppliers, which is why only trusted suppliers are used that have had or will have a long co-operation with InnospeXion. By choosing InnospeXion as supplier, the client gets a collaborator who is committed to the task and a cost effective solution. In return, an active engagement of the client is required, for instance in the matter of implementing the solution.


InnospeXion produces systems in agreement with present regulations concerning the use of X-rays. The security of both the user and InnospeXion’s employees is fundamental in order to run an efficient company. The awareness of correct use of X-ray systems and relevant security rules is therefore big.


InnospeXion’s systems are often used for quality control, and the finished products are of high standards. The focus on which components used in the systems and that these quality levels match InnospeXion’s quality standards is of that reason big.


Because of the high quality level, InnospeXion often chooses collaborators and suppliers in Denmark. That ensures growth in smaller Danish companies and reduces outsourcing of Danish businesses. InnospeXion consider a common growth strategy in relations with the supplied products as a fundamental element in the co-operation between client and supplier.